Building Slashem on Solaris 10 (Ultrasparc)

As an academic exercise, I have built Slashem on my SunBlade 100, running Solaris 10 2006/06. Stable releases of Slashem can be fiddly to build – lots of tweaks to configuration files – so I thought that this should be an interesting comparison to Linux, my regular build platform.

Although I have tried two versions of Slashem and different build tools, what I describe here uses only the tools supplied with Solaris, built by a user with default settings (group staff, /bin/sh as shell).

Using the stable version (0.0.7E7F2) required a fair bit of fiddling about, so I was advised to try the development version (0.0.8E0), which built and installed very easily.


This technique is provided for information only – use
at your own risk. Don’t do this on a production server unless you are really sure about your job security…


  1. Download se008e0.tar.gz from SourceForge.
  2. The user’s PATH needs to be set to pick up the required build tools:

    $ PATH=$PATH:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/sfw/bin
    $ export PATH
  3. gunzip se008e0.tar.gz
  4. tar -xvf se008e0.tar
  5. cd slashem-0.0.8E0
  6. ./configure
  7. make
  8. su
  9. You will need to set the root PATH as for the normal user:

    # PATH=$PATH:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/sfw/bin
    # export PATH
  10. make install

It really was that simple. No errors, no changing any files at all, although I didn’t have the user ‘games’ created, so things didn’t get chown’d.

As I run this machine “headless” and am ssh’ing in from Linux boxes, I have found that you need to set TERM in .profile on the Solaris box:

export TERM

Without this, you may not get colour display.

Running with CCFLAGS=-m64 didn’t make any noticeable difference – this may be the default for the supplied version of gcc, anyway.