Bread: Let's go Crazy!

I though: what the hell, let’s do some experimental baking! Often as not, my experminental baking is done by hand, in small batches; tonight I was feeling bold and put a new mixture in the bread machine.

A few days ago, I attempted to make rice noodles; I used my normal egg noodle recipe (3/4 cup durum wheat semolina to 1 egg), substituting rice flour for the durum wheat semolina ("Continental Flour"). Total disaster; what gluten does for wheat, rice proteins don't do for rice – the stuff has virtually no adhesive properties. I salvaged the dough with the addition of water, made dumplings which I steamed, then deep fried. It was a success in a way, but nothing like what I was intending. (Good for a stuffed dumpling recipe, methinks.)

I digress. Tonight's experiment is bread with rice flour. Rice flour being what it is, it would probably make a very nice flat, indigestible, rock-hard lump if used on its own. My test is with about a third rice, two thirds bakers flour (wheat). I was unable to tell just how much of what I used – the scales displayed an impossible negative mass when I added the wheat flour – they do have very quirky software. So, an estimated 1:3 rice to wheat delight is underway. So as not to muddy the experimental waters, no vegetable oil (normally extra virgin olive, recenly peanut due to dwindling supplies) was added; it's flour, water, yeast, salt.

Tomorrow will tell all; if I end up with a horrible texture, it can easily become panade for my next batch of forcemeat.