BADD Headline: Dress as a Disabled Person

Blogging Against Disablism Day

Students asked to dress as a disabled person for fundraiser (  I find it fitting that this rather awful headline should appear on Blogging Against Disablism Day (BADD.)  My BADD posts for previous years have all been rather general, with no focus on the “now.” Here is something topical, fresh, in the news and getting some people very agitated on Twitter.

Whilst the idea was born out of noble intentions (I hope,) what exactly is it telling the children?  It is telling them that people with disabilities look different. That’s right, teach ’em young that it’s OK to stigmatise people with disabilities, especially the visual ones.

If they really want to teach children about disabilities, what’s wrong with having slightly older children with disabilities come and describe how their lives may be different but at the same time how they are the same as other children and maybe engage in a little role-play if that’s what it takes to develop empathy and understand how others experience the world.

Dress up as a “disabled person” (note: not even using “person first” terminology) – I am honestly flabaghasted.


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A further news report advises that the school in question has abandoned this plan.