Ada Lovelace Day – Women in Technology Whom I Admire

It starts thus:

“I will publish a blog post on Tuesday 24th March about a woman in technology whom I admire but only if 1,000 other people will do the same.”

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I am fully aware that the technical sector – whether it be IT, engineering or medicine (which I consider technical) – has always been very much a “boys’ club” and am embarassed to be a part of such a misogynistic industry.

Whilst I admire what Ada did (writing programmes without a computer is no mean feat), I would like on this occasion to recognise 3 women of my own acquaintance. They may not be Big Names, but they are just some of those that I can name whom I consider worthy of respect:

  • Leah MACLEAN. Leah is a technology veteran, having worked for Telstra, Australia’s national telco. Leah now provides technology services and understanding to her clientelle (primarily women in small business) as Working Solo.
  • Liddy NEVILE. Liddy Nevile is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Advanced Computing Research Centre at La Trobe University. I know Liddy as the drive behind OzeWAI web accessibility conference and a member of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.
  • Lynne POPE – head honcho of the Mambo CMS project and another technology veteran. A serious Mover and Shaker in Open Source software development.

There are others that I could mention of my personal acquaintance and of no less merit, all just going about their jobs despite the frequent discrimnation that they face. (They not only have to be good at their jobs but also able to survive being Eaten By Trolls.)

Please, let’s just shed the obnoxious attitudes that make the technical world a hostile one for women and rid ourselves of any stupid ideas of women being less able in this – or any other – field.

And yes, I know that this article is over a month early but, by writing it now, at least I know that it will get written.

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