Accessibility Improvements

For some time, the identical link text for post edits and comments has been bugging me; I have now taken action, changing some of the WordPress code:

  • /wp-includes/comment-functions.php – change line 127 in comments_popup_link to read:
    echo "title="Comment on $post->post_title">"; (previously just "echo '>';)
  • /wp-includes/template-functions-links.php – change line 182 in edit_post_link to read:
    echo "$before <a href="$location" title="Edit Post $post->post_title">$link</a> $after"; (title attribute added)

Although I haven't re-checked the page manually (which I will, and with other automated tools), Cynthia Says now gives a clean bill of health.

UPDATE: See post WordPress Patches for all my alterations provided as patches (unified diffs).