About Smiffy

I am a thirty-something (the something now being a number greater than 9) IT professional, Open Source and Accessibility advocate, of English birth, who recently (2001) moved from the second wettest county in England (Devon) to the driest state of the driest continent (South Australia).

Professionally, I am a freelance web applications developer and technology consultant through my business, Smiffytech. My full professional Curriculum Vitae can be found at LinkedIn.

I live with my wife, several dogs, two horses, innumerable venomous spiders, mice, and birds* on a small farmlet within heavy artillery range (somewhat more than a stone's throw) of the Spencer Gulf. This distance may be subject to change due to polar ice melt. As the house is over 50 metres above Mean Sea Level, we shouldn't be getting our toes wet just yet.

* That's just the spiders; the mice and birds aren't venomous, to the best of our knowledge, although some of the birds can get pretty stroppy.

Nethack and Slashem players may be interested to know that our house looks a bit like this:

Nethack-style graphic of house

Over the last 4 years or so, I have been impaired by ill-health which practitioners are referring to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (it sounds more grand than "I don't know"). This has presented certain challenges like only being able to work 12-15 hours per week and not being able to drive. Despite the impairment and the restricted hours, working from home has meant that I can be productive to the fullness of my ability by working when I can, even if this does mean some quite odd hours. I have commented on this in my article Going to Work – Time for a Rethink? Being constantly tired has also lent me a new outlook on web accessibility as described in a presentation given remotely to the OzeWAI 2006 conference. Although it created a few challenges – especially at the outset – Chronic Fatigue has not prevented me from doing Weight Training over the last year as my series Weight Training and Chronic Fatigue describes.

Smiffy Facts

  • Smiffy is the same smiffy as identified by NickServ and is occasionally spotted on #SWIG
  • Smiffy is the CPAN author SMIFFY Don't go rushing off to look – I have only published one module and that was ages ago.
  • Smiffy was a childhood nickname, still used by a few friends; recent usage started as an IRC nickname (recently changed to msmiffy), now a general nom de clavier.
  • Matthew Smith is not the Matthew Smith that wrote Manic Miner and Jetset Willy, although he did own a ZX Spectrum 48k
  • On Yahoo, Smiffy is known as Heoroweard and Prisoner39013. Go figure.