A New Start (Again)

Here goes with my third web logging system; first it was Google’s Blogger (for about 24 hours), then it was Serendipity, now it’s WordPress. There are various reasons for this most recent change; I’m happier with the database schema of WordPress and I think that the system appears to be, well, more semantic.

I was foolish enough to try to move the data from Serendipity to WordPress typing SQL in live – not a good idea when tired and a bit spaced out with a middle-ear infection. Whilst it can be fun to live dangerously, in future, I will do a database dump (backup) first before I try anything “clever”.

Hoorah, now I can go to bed. (Stayed up late due to timing of my next antibiotic dose. Grumble, grumble, ear infection, grumble, grumble.)