A Better Birthday Breakfast


Quite some time ago, I decided that I did not care for institutionalised holidays and, since then, have only really celebrated birthdays and various astronomical events (such as Lunar New Year) – in as much as that is possible in a festival-mad society.

Not being a party animal, my celebrations are generally of a gastronomic nature; if they can also be in different locations, then so much the better. (Before I moved to Australia, I had four birthdays “away” – one celebrated in a aeroplane over the Alps, travelling from Venice to Bristol, one in Falaise, Normandy, one in Nuriootpa, South Australia, then Falaise again. If I remember correctly.)

The Omelette

Determined to make a good start to my birthday, I aquired a pack of Springs smoked ocean trout. This morning’s omlette consisted of four eggs, 150g fish and a good Microplane of a fine Reggiano Parmaggiano.

Washed down with a couple of large espressos of New Guinea Sihereni AX, courtesy of the estimable Mr Frew, this is one of the best birthday breakfasts I have eaten in quite some time, albeit at home.


  • Put a Tefal crêpiere on moderate heat, wipe over with some kitchen towel soaked in oil.
  • Beat four eggs, pour into pan.
  • Break up smoked fish, distribute over egg.
  • Microplane cheese over egg and fish.
  • Serve with a good espresso.