Monthly Archives: January 2014

Measure All Of The Things!

I spend much of what free time I have doing research and development, working towards having a hardware design side of my business. There is currently a fair amount of overlap between this work and my near-obsession with measurement.

With a growing collection of odd and vintage measuring equipment and the design of my own, I decided that I would start to share images and explanations of some of this and thus created a new blog, (Measure All Of The Things.)

So far, I have written about Geiger-Müller tubes, electrostatic voltmeters, and a vintage Japanese milliameter I was fortunate to acquire. The next article I have planned is a description of large voltage divider I have been working on for a few months. (The divider itself is complete and tested, I am just awaiting for the laser-cut parts for the case to turn up from Ponoko in New Zealand.)

If this is your type of thing, please join me at MAOTT!