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Finding Ada 2010: Kate Lundy

March the 24th was Ada Lovelace Day. I am running slightly late, but would like to give brief mention to Canberra's (Australia) Senator Kate Lundy, as my nomination for ALD recognition.

Kate Lundy (Twitter: @katelundy) is not a professional technologist, but a technically well-informed politician and Open Government advocate to boot.

Other than just being an IT-savvy politician, Kate is also a voice of sanity when it comes to the issue of mandatory Internet filtering/censorship in Australia. It is for this positive political influence on technology for which I feel that Kate should receive recognition. (I am sure that I am not the only one who wishes that she had the Communications portfolio – something she seems far better qualified to handle than the current incumbent.)

When I say that Kate is well-informed, I should advise that some of that well-informedness comes from her political adviser, Pia Waugh (Twitter: @piawaugh,) one of Australia's most influential Open Source advocates. So I should probably slip Pia in as an ALD nominee too, whilst I'm at it 😉