Monthly Archives: September 2005

Whilst my domain (and this web log) were only intended for personal material, a certain amount of "workish" stuff is starting to slip in (complete separation of work and play is not easy for the self-employed). Having seen the .cx rootservers "disappear" on more than one occasion, I have decided to use a more reliable principal domain for my semi-personal material and have just registered, with my new favourite dot-com registrar-du jour, Godaddy. I will be retaining the domain (I have had it too long to just drop it), but use of this domain will now be deprecated.

All URIs (addresses) for existing pages will (should) work with either the old or the new domain. Dublin Core 'identifier' metadata fields in page headers will be modified to reflect the new 'official' domain in due course.

Sparkling Scrumpy

Thorogoods bottle logo

The Thorogoods have released a most delectable new product, a sparkling scrumpy.

I really am most impressed Рa high quality m̩thode champagnoise for the price of a cleanskin. The cloudiness (no d̩gorgage) retains the favourable character of a scrumpy, but with fine wine smoothness.

Image used courtesy of Thorogoods Apple Wines.

Drowning New Orleans

When the immediate problems of the tragedy of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina have been dealt with, there are some questions that may be addressed.

  • Why was there no emergency plan in place?
  • Why did it take so long for official action to be taken?
  • Why were the levees only engineered to cope with a Category 3 hurricane?
  • When will the USA sign the Kyoto Protocol and take positive action against global warming?

The disaster was not unanticipated; Smiffy refers you to an article in the October edition of Scientific American. The online article linked to is incomplete; the full version is available through Scientific American Digital – page 64 of the PDF version.

This is not the first time that I have observed something that I have read in Scientific American making news some years after publication. (The last one was the revised food pyramid.) Governments and policy makers would do well to subscribe.