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Roast Porkie Workie

Roast Porkie Workie

Pork is trimmed of “yucky bits” and flattened, coated with a large dollop of wholegrain Dijon mustard and a similar dollop of good quality crushed garlic. Form roulade, cling film, into fridge. Ideally, meat should be from just under the skin so that the outside has a thin layer of fat for cooking. Can be roasted wrapped in bacon or basted with olive oil if insufficient fat.

Serve with apple sauce (apple, cider or white wine, pinch of cardamon), Puy lentils and seasonal green veg.



According to my Larousse Gastronomique, I should be using two parts meat to one part panade (breadcrumbs, or similar filler), with one egg per 500g and a third of a cup of brandy.

My first attempt was a filling for “coroni” – my version of tortellini (my circle cutter broke so I made squares; the wrapped version looked a bit like crowns, hence my name for them). This forcemeat was made with 50% pork fillet, 50% topside beef, a couple of rashers of bacon, egg, plain flour and buckwheat flour. This mix was seasoned with nutmeg. Whilst I enjoyed these, my wife said that she preferred the meatballs that I had made the day before. These meatballs were actuall a disaster recovery exercise on some ravioli that had gone horribly wrong – the panade being egg pasta.

This time round, I have approximately 500g of leg pork, 500g topside beef and 100g of bacon. I will cut this up today and freeze half. As for panade, I baked a loaf of ordinary white bread yesterday, put it through the food processor and left the resultant crumbs in a low oven until they felt dry. No way would I use shop breadcrumbs – I’ve seen the ingredients list. So, today, I will make up the first batch, following the Larousse suggestion. I haven’t yet worked out whether the meat/panade ratio is by weight or volume, so I will get the egg in first, then add panade until it feels right.

Report to follow.

The World Today

I’ll never make a great commentator unless I make some comments; however, not a lot is going on in the world that hasn’t been going on for some time, at least of interest to me.

Of vague note: Tony Blair looks set to be taking on a third term as British Prime Minister; almost makes me glad that I’m an expatriate.

The new Pope, Benedict XVI aka Josef Ratzinger, has brought a little sunshine into the life of one of his fellow countrymen. Student Benjamin Halbe, 21, of Olpe in Germany discovered that a previous owner of his VW Golf was none other than Ratzinger himself. Halbe listed the car on eBay and sold it for 189,000 Euros – more than three times what he had paid for it. Ironically, there is doubt as to whether Ratzinger ever held a driver’s license.

The Big Microcontroller Question

Which 8-bit Flash microcontroller? Atmel AVR, Dallas 8051-based or Motorola, er, Freescale?

In a series of articles, in no specific order, I will be evaluating these three families based on various criteria:

  • Features
  • Helfulness of manufacturer
  • Ease/cost of programming
  • Development toolchain

Note that cost is not a consideration – this is all about the impact on me (or anyone else) as a developer without the resources of a large company.