1-Wire Beer Fermenter

For some time now, I have been meaning to get my beer fermenters hooked into my 1-Wire weather system. Now we are in business! Thumbnail images on this page link to 640×480 versions.

Temperature Probe

photo of encapsulated temperature probe

Probe (DS1820) is inserted into a short length of polyethylene beer siphon hose and filled with epoxy resin.
The wire is industrial PTFE insulated equipment wire. To maintain gas seal when passing through the
fermenter lid, wire is epoxy encapsulated into a short length of copper tubing.

Working Rig

photo of fermenter with probe installed

Probe is shown installed in fermenter; an extra hole has been drilled in the fermenter lid and a nylon cable gland installed. An ‘O’ ring is fitted between the underside of the fermenter lid and the locking ring of the cable gland to prevent gas leakage.

When fermenter is active, data may be viewed on my current weather page. Note that the fermenters live in the laundry and close to the temperature probe in there, so you can see the difference between air temperature and beer temperature.