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My name is Matthew Smith, AKA @smiffy. This page is here to assist those arriving from my Twitter profile in finding what they need to know.

If you have decided to follow me on Twitter, please send me an @reply so that I know you are a real person who wants to network and/or engage in conversation, not just another spammer.

Please note that I do not auto-follow (that is, I do not have software set to follow anyone who follows me,) nor do I auto-DM (Direct Message.) Neither do I follow everyone who follows me; before I follow someone, I need to see some value in the relationship, be it professional networking or just social conversation. To learn whom I follow and why, you may wish to read my popular articles Smiffy's Rules of Following and Smiffy's Further Rules of Following..

Quick Bio

I feel that my Twitter profile sums me up fairly well, so I will repeat it, with relevant links added:

Freelance creative problem solver, IT sector: Un*x, Perl, MySQL, web accessibility. Foodie, artist, weight trainer, learning Verilog. Married with dogs.

Add to this list: Expatriate Brit living in rural South Australia with a passion for equal access & social inclusion, gluten-free cook, "medically inconvenienced" with what has been labeled as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. (Information on how I work with this condition and how I lift weights despite it, may be found elsewhere on this site.)

I have a keen interest in embedded systems and am in the process of developing microcontroller and FPGA-based modules for a forthcoming diversification of my business. I just love to talk about this on Twitter, so if you are into this, give me an @reply! (Embedded C for AVR, MSP430, HC(S)08/12, Verilog, Xilinx CPLDs & FPGAs, Altera FPGAs, etc.) Current targets for this development are interactive art (including music hardware) and devices for independent living.

Professional CV

See my profile at LinkedIn.


If you want to get in touch and an @reply isn't for you, look down at the very bottom of this page – you'll find an e-mail address. As addresses on this site get spammed fairly quickly, I change them on a regular basis. For more permanent contact information, especially for business purposes, I'd suggest you have a look at the Smiffytech business page.

If it's not here and you need to know, ask!

Thank you for dropping by. If you have just started following me on Twitter, please don't forget to get in touch.